Here you will find a reference collection of our past shows.

Ice Entertainment

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Autostadt Show Spectacular :: 27 Nov - 6 Jan 2016

A completely new idea which has been created for the Autostadt ice show. Starting at 5pm each day and every half an hour our international cast perform different numbers from around the globe.
Las Vegas - Rio - New York - Paris - Berlin - Moscow - Macau - London
Choreographed by Simon Alexander-Grigorescu & Adam Blake

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Impy′s Island :: 28 Nov - 28 Dez 2014

This year the Autostadt present "Impy′s Island". Dynamic Shows have again pleasure this year to cast for the yearly ice show event. 22 talented international ice skaters take to the ice for fun and surprises as Urmel goes on adventures around the world.
4 shows will be presented during the month of December.
Urmel on the ice - Urmel flies to the moon - Urmel plays in the castle - Urmel goes around the world.

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Ice Shows in Wolfsburg :: Dec 2013

The Children’s book autor „Otfried Preussler" wrote many wonderful fairytales. This year just some of these can be seen in the Autostadt.The Robber Hotzenplotz – The Little Ghost – The Little Witch – The Little Waterman.
All shows are shown twice daily starring an international cast from Dynamic Shows.

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Jim Buttons & Lukas the Engine Driver :: Nov 2012

This year at the Autostadt we are presenting once again 4 different ice shows starting from the 30th November - 30th December 2012.
Rehearsals started weeks ago with a cast of 22 international ice skaters and the talented choreography of Stephanee Grosscup and Director Roland Kalweit.
Dynamic Shows is once again proud to be apart of this great event and bring so much fantasic talent to this spectacle.


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Benefit Gala in Vienna :: 08 Nov

The Mcdonalds childrens fund raising event took place on the 8th Nov with a mixed show event of music, singing, ice skating and stage acts.
The event raised more than Euro 500.000,00 for special projects associated with children in need.
Dynamic Shows together with Claudia Kristofics-Binder casted for this event.


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Autostadt Ice show 2011 :: Nov 2011

Again this year Dynamic Shows is pleased to present 4 different fairytale themes for the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany. An international team of top class skaters will skate to; Pinocchio, Heidi, The Little Prince and the Frog & the Princess.  The premiere will be on the 25.11.2011 and the shows will run until the 26.12.2011


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Linz 2011 :: February 2011

Ice Magic 2011 which is a show starring famous singers, television and stage entertainers was presented again this year in Linz, Austria. Dynamic Shows was proud once again to be apart of it. The adagio pair Julia & Tamas Sari and a Doll & Comedian act from England accompanied the all star cast. Guest star Philippe Candeloro made the cast complete and skated two solos.

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Ice Gala in Vienna :: January 2011

On the 20th January a cast of 7 international skaters from Dynamic Shows performed their skills to present a ten minute gala performance to celebrate the official opening of the open air ice rink which is one of the largest in the world and has the wonderful view of the city hall in the background.

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Ice Skating Shows for the Autostadt :: Nov 2010

From the first Sunday in Advent, the 28th of November 2010, the skating rink at the Autostadt will be transformed into a huge stage twice daily: at 17.00 and 18.15 respectively an international skating ensemble will perform an ice extravaganza that has been specifically choreographed for the Autostadt by Dynamic Shows. “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp” (27th November to 4th of December) will be followed by “Sinbad the Sailor” (5th to 11th December), “Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves” (12th to 18th December) and “Caliph Stork” (19th to 28th December).


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Ice Presentation in Syria :: March 2010

Dynamic Shows together with Climatech, a Damascus based company presented an ice gala in Aleppo, Syria where professional ice skating had never been seen before. The pair team Sherri Kennedy and Slawomir Borowiecki presented four different show themes several times a day for the public in a shopping centre. The engagement which lasted for 5 days was a great success.

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Astrakhan 450 ice show :: October 2008

On the 4th October, 2008 “Krasnov Design” of Moscow & “Dynamic Shows” were proud to present an ice show “Astrakhan 450”, which took place in the city of Astrakhan and was dedicated to the International Summit of the countries of Caspian Region. The show was televised by all main Russian television stations. It received great reviews for the highest quality and beautiful performances from some of the best skaters, who came not only from Russia, but also from abroad. The Choreographer & Organizer of the project was Igor Lyutikov. 

The cast: 
Olympic & World-European Champions: Tatiana Navka & Roman Kostomarov
World & European Champion: Irina Slutskaya.
British Dancing on Ice Stars: Frederick Palascak & Melanie Lambert
European Champion: Dmitri Dmitrenko.
British Champion: Steven Cousins
9 skaters from Moscow Ballet on ice and 12 skaters from Moscow circus on Ice 

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Music Shows in Wolfsburg, Germany. :: January 2008

Rock around the Ice
The top choreographers Pasquale Camerlengo and Anjelika Krylova are back again this season in the Autostadt and present each week a new music theme show with an international skating cast from Dynamic Shows by I.G.O.R.
Over the ice surface hangs a special glass construction where a live band performs the music of the 50’s and 60’s.
Colourful costumes and great skating accompany the music of such greats as Bill Haley and Nancy Sinatra.
For the first time in the Autostadt the 2006 Olympic pair champions Tatjana Totmianina und Maxim Marinin will perform a special number especially made for the theme of the show.
Saturday Ice Fever
This show brings to life the feel of the 70’s where Discos were the trend. From the music side Guildo Horn will sing some of his most popular songs from that era and together with the international skating cast will make sure that the audience have a very special evening. Skating guest stars this week are the 2002 Olympic and European Golden medallist champions Marina Anissina und Gwendal Peizerat from France.
Pop Pearls
The show is all about the music from the 80’s featuring guest stars from the German music scene.
The cast of 22 international skating artists present again this week a special show and bring to life the atmosphere which is so special to this yearly event.
21st Century on Ice
The theme for the final weeks show is the music from the present day. Special guest stars from the world of music harmonise with the skating perfection of the international cast. This week’s ice skating guest star is Shae-Lynn Bourne who is the 2003 World Ice Dance Champion from Canada.

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Ice Gala in Sweden :: December 2007

The acrobatic act of Armen Saakian and Akop Manoukian performed one of their many show numbers in a show in Oskarshamn, Sweden. Their show number “Captain Jack” was seen by a large audience on the 01.12.07 for the production Company EMA TELSTAR, which is resident in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Ice Shows in Wolfsburg, Germany. Winter Fairytales :: December 2007

Each evening an international cast from the world of ice skating perform the famous fairytales of the brothers Grimm. The show has been especially made for the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany.
The first class performers from Dynamic Shows by I.G.O.R skate to the choreography of Pasquale Camerlengo. The colourful costumes of the cast bring the characters and the story to life when each week a different fairytale is presented such as Cinderella, Snow White, The Tailors Helper and Sleeping Beauty.

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Ice Spectacular :: January 2007

A cast of 14 top ice skaters together with skating guest stars and a complete live orchestra performed in the outdoor surroundings of the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. Each evening an open air ice show was performed to the visiting public where each week a different music theme was presented.


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Special Attraction :: October 2007

The Ukrainian artists Dimitriy and Olesya who are international artists and who were previously employed by Cirque du Soleil will leave any audience speechless with their seven minute aerial act. Dimitriy began his career with the Ukrainian State Circus and Olesya was a professional gymnast.

"Dynamic Shows is committed to its goal of developing and executing dynamic and flawless events..."