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Autostadt 2018 :: 30.11.2018 - 06.01.2019

Urban Street Sound - Concert Classics - Theater Music - Biker Bars - Route 66 - Traditional Festivals - Carols & Choir - Musical Beats - Dance Places - Clubbing. All these themes will be presented weekly by a team of professional ice skating artists from around the world. The choreographers; Simone Alexander & Adam Blake have created different types of choreography for music and dance styles.

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AUTOSTADT 2017 :: Dec 2017 - Jan 2018

Dynamic Shows again in 2017 presented 10 different ice Skating Shows over five weeks for the Autostadt.The theme of the different Shows was music from different countries and continents.The audience record was broken during the Event season and celebrated guest amounts of 400.000,00 - congratulations!! Photos can be viewed with this link:

15 Years Autostadt Celebration :: May 2015

On the 30th and 31st May 2015 the total amount of guests that attended the „15 years celebration“ of the Autostadt were 35.000 – what a spectacle it was!

Tatiana Kundyk – Schlappseil - Jade-Emmanuelle Amyot – Tissu - Giang Brothers from Vietnam and Act Gorodji

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Teaching skating to children :: Jan 2015

What fun it is to learn to skate with some of the stars from the ice show.
Children and grown-ups of all ages have had a great time learing from stars like; Professor, Shu Shu, Tim and yes even Urmel. Lessons were daily and a "hit" with the public.

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Ice Magic 2014 :: Feb 2014

The ice gala "Ice Magic" was once again presented in Linz and starred international ice skaters from Dynamic Shows.

Ice magic in Linz 2013 :: Feb 2013

Again this year Dynamic shows was happy to bring top international skating stars to the Linz event “Ice Magic”. Alexandra Schumann & Lukasz Rozycki, Marie-Pierre Leray, Alex Wilde und Zabato Bebe were among the mixed cast of musicians, stage acts and national ice skating performers.

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Techno Classica Exhibition in Essen :: March 2012

The Famous Techno Classica Exhibition Fair opened its doors to the public on the 22nd March. The fair is world known for its exhibition of classical cars. The Autostadt presented many famous old timers and were also proud to present the acrobatic act " Duo Gorodji" which is just one of the many excelent acts from Dynamic Shows.

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Dancing on Ice :: Nov 2011

Dancing on Ice is a Greek TV show. The show features celebrities paired with professionals from the world of figure skating. The show is based on the British show, Dancing on Ice. The show has a schedule that shows the performance on Sunday evening. Jenny Balatsinou hosts while Petros Kostopoulos, Elena Paparizou and Alexis Kostalas serve on the jury. The show premieres on the 6th November 2011. Dynamic  shows have been contracted to cast the choreographers and full cast for the shows and to support the running order and the performance of the shows.
12 episodes
are planned.

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Ice Skating lessons in the Autostadt :: January 2011

Each Sunday during the month of January Dynamic Shows employed 4 ice skating trainers to teach the local public the correct way how to skate at the open air ice rink in the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany.

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Dresden gala :: Nov 2010

The sensational ice skating pair Sherri Kennedy and Slawomir Borowiecki skated to a 3 minute solo on the 20th November for the official opening of the open air ice skating rink outside the Kempinski-Taschenberg-Palais hotel in Dresden. It was a very special pre Christmas event with a wonderful decorated Christmas tree in the middle of the ice.