about us

Igor Lyutikov

Chief Executive Officer
After being on tour around the World with all possible Big & Small ice shows (Holiday on Ice, Hot Ice, Torvil & Dean, Champions on Ice over seas, Moscow on Ice). Igor has decided to open his own company using his experience and network connections with the greatest and most professional people in Show Business.

E-Mail: igor@d-shows.com
Telephone (USA) +1 860 262 14 57 (Russian, English)
Telephone (Russia) +7 926 68 191 86 (Russian, English)

Katarina Gravendeel

Managing Director
Katarina was employed by Holiday on Ice for 20 years where she gained experience as a performer and later as a show director, she worked alongside such names as; Robin Cousins,Sara Kawahara and Anthony van Last. She choreographed the first ice skating show for television in Holland known as „skating with the stars“. In 2009 – 2011 she was assistant choreographer to Tatiana Tarasova for Stage Entertainment in Russia, this then changed when she became the main choreographer in 2012 for the ice shows; Three Musketeers, Wizard of Oz, Aladdin and Lord of the fire, Sindbad and the Princess Anna.

E-Mail: gravendeels@gmail.com
Telephone (Slovakia): + 421 905 467273 (Slovak, English, German)

Angela Schwarz

Operations & Personnel Manager
Angela Schwarz started her career with Holiday on Ice in the late 70’s where she stayed until 2003. During her time with them she grew within the company accepting many different roles. Her position before leaving the company was that of Casting & Performance Director, which she did for 4 years. After leaving Holiday on Ice she then accepted the position of Operations & Event Manager at the Wiener Stadthalle which is the largest event venue in Europe. Here she stayed for 2 years until accepting her new venture that being Operations & Personnel Manager for Dynamic Shows. After more than 27 years experience in show business the prospect of starting such a new venture is very exciting.

E-Mail: angela@d-shows.com
Telephone (Austria): + 43 650 911 02 75 (English, German)

We are a dynamic company with dynamic and innovative minds.